Monday, August 29, 2011

August 2011 - "Fly By" News

September Newsletter:

The September newsletter is already completed and will be posted shortly.

  • SHOW AND TELL: Because our group has become so large, we'll try a new procedure for show and tell this month, and then continue if it seems to work.  As we go around the circle introducing ourselves, those with items to show and tell will hold them and describe them briefly.We won't pass them around; instead, after the meeting they'll be placed on a table for interested members to look more closely and admire them at leisure.
  • FIBER DIRECTORY: Sent with this month’s newsletter, members will find a directory of local sources of fibers.  Thanks to Barbara Keyes for compiling this directory.  We hope that this directory will be helpful to members looking for fiber and would encourage Guild members to consider using these sources for their fiber needs.
  • CRAFT SALE: Patty Benton reports that the rate for a booth this year will be $40 (up $5 from last year).  Our plan was for the guild to pay for a double booth, and for sellers to yield 10% of their sales toward reimbursement. We need to decide whether we want to spend the additional $10 for a double booth.    Also, Lynn Hash, who is chairing the craft sale committee, has this announcement: "If you are interested in selling yarn or products made from your handspun at the TVHS craft booth, you will need to join in setting up the booth, sales during the show and taking booth down. I do not have all the details yet but I will bring a signup sheet to our August meeting. Sales were very good last year. If you have any questions, please bring them to our meeting and Patty Benton or I will try and answer for you."