Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Iron Spinner Challenge

It looks like the Iron Spinner Challenge held at the August meeting was a resounding success!

Here's a roundup of the yarns spun by members from the same fiber (provided by Dana Hamilton's Unwind Yarn Company):

The second batch of finished yarns.
N-plied on spindle
Spun lighter fiber thick/thin and darker fiber short draw. 2ply
Fiber split into 8 strips. Spun onto one bobbin then n-plied - Patricia
Used short forward draw for the dark fiber and long draw for the light fiber. 2ply
Spun into 3 ply, one ply is a string of beads

The first batch of finished yarns.
Woolen spun. 2ply
 2ply, spun from the fold - woolen. Smaller skein is n-plied (also in 6th picture) - Dana Hamilton
Fiber split into 4 strips. Wound into ball and then 2ply from ends of the ball
Fiber split into 4 strips. Spun onto one bobbin then n-plied (also in 6th picture) - Erin Kramer 

Two basic ply structures: nplied and 2plied, respectively.

Another nplied yarn.

Thick and thin novelty yarn.

Two of the novelty yarns (left is beaded, right is overspun)